Digicel employees pursue education

Several Digicel staff members have taken advantage of the Voluntary Separation Programme announced earlier this year to further their education.

Three young Caymanians in particular were awarded the packages to pursue educational interests: Lonney McField, Angelica Borden and Erin Hislop.

Mr. McField joined Digicel in 2005 in the role of Retail Store Manager for one of Digicel’s flagship stores and has since been promoted to Corporate Account Support Manager.

Mr. McField will soon begin attending the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to develop his talents in the performing arts.

‘Digicel is a closely-knit family and has helped me to grow as an individual and professional,’ said Mr. McField. ‘I will miss the exciting events, promotions and camaraderie. I do look forward to pursuing my educational goals which has been at the forefront of my mind for a while. I am grateful to Digicel for supporting my steps towards achieving these goals.’

Ms Borden supervises Digicel’s Prepaid Broadband Wireless Internet service and played a critical function in interfacing with the public and managing the service delivery to Digicel’s internet customers in the Cayman Islands.

Ms Borden is looking forward to pursuing a Bachelors degree in Media and Communications at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

‘I have always had a love for technology and new ways of doing things. Digicel embraces innovation and I have learned so much,’ said Ms Borden. ‘In addition to the passion and Caribbean flavour brought to telecommunications by Digicel, the company has also delivered some of the best products, services and value. Digicel is a learning institution in itself and I’m going to miss everyone at Digicel.’

Ms Hislop joined Digicel in 2007 as a summer intern and decided to accept an offer to work full-time, to gain practical experience and develop her resources before furthering her studies.

‘The VSP package has come at the right time for me to enrol in my school of choice,’ said Ms Hislop.

‘My goal was to work for a certain period of time, save enough money and then pursue double-majors at University. I have applied to schools in Canada and I’m awaiting feedback. I’ll be studying Business, however my final objective is to have qualifications in both Business and Education. I’d like to be a teacher, but feel as though a degree in Business will also provide me with a steady ground in leadership and management.’

The Digicel Voluntary Separation Program has been implemented across the Caribbean region and will reduce overall headcount by 10 per cent of local market employees and 20 per cent of expatriates.

Measures have been put in place to ensure that employees are fully prepared to make informed decisions as well as deal with life after VSP.

Support programmes such as counselling sessions, staff bulletins, career advice outlets have also been provided as a resource for employees.

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