Irish was Scott’s ideal

Australians and New Zealanders have a great sense of adventure. Travelling far and wide is ingrained in their culture which is why there are so many in Cayman.

scott ideal

Brittain is in good shape for the Boston Marathon.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

The island’s top runner, Scott Brittain, is an Aus and he is taking full advantage of being in the region by doing the Boston Marathon on April 19.

He’ll be competing with fellow top Cayman runners Russell Coleman and Beth Schreader.

Brittain, 33, won the 5k Irish Jog last week in 16 minutes 40 seconds with Coleman 35 seconds behind, narrowly ahead of Jamaican newcomer Jason Saunders. Schreader was first woman to finish, seventh overall in 19:36.

Brittain will lead the charge in Boston and looks in great shape. ‘I think I was about 20 seconds faster in the Irish Jog than last year,’ he said.

‘I was happy with my time considering the few of us that have Garmins measured it between 150 and 200 metres long.’

And if you factor in that he spent the second kilometre side-stepping other competitors running in the opposite direction and that he was able to relax a little over the last third of the race after building a lead, he had plenty to be pleased about.

The Irish Jog was another huge success and is now firmly a classic event in the Cayman sporting calendar.

It was co-sponsored by Butterfield and Grand Cayman Beach Suites.

Not many people realise that most of the work is done by the Beach Suites’ dedicated staff and managers who donate their time to make the event a success.

The hotel ceases all play on the golf course to accommodate the run incurring a significant loss of revenue to the hotel.

Their staff run electricity, provide marshals, organise the public services, block off roads, provide parking services and clean up afterwards to make this event seamless and successful. All in all, they are unsung heroes.

The hotel and staff fully deserve a mention for their participation and efforts over the 17 years of co-sponsoring the event.

No wonder Brittain and the other top runners always turn out for this one even though the 3.1 mile distance is merely a stroll for athletes preparing for a 26.2 mile assault.

How is his Boston Mara training going? ‘Not great. I missed a few weeks in February with a dodgy ankle. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to build up to a weekend long run of two hours 30 minutes or more.

‘I have only got one in so far and that’s just not enough. I’m hoping to get a few more in with four weeks to go but I might have to set a slower realistic target for this one as I’ve got two lots of travel, two lots of guests and one exam between now and Boston.

‘Ask me in three weeks where I think I’m at. Hopefully the response will be more positive.’ At least he is injury-free right now.

His weekly mileage has been really up and down, five or six times a week recently with the biggest week probably about 60 miles.

‘If I can get a few long runs of 2hr 30min in over the next couple of weeks I think I’ll be in the same shape as the Cayman Marathon last year (when he shattered his own record). That would hopefully equate to sub 2.40 in Boston.’

The Cayman Marathon is not until December so there is a chance that if Boston goes well and he stays healthy there is a chance he might squeeze another in.

‘It’s a case of the old cliché of taking one race at a time. It would be nice while I am in this part of the world to tick off the three big city American marathons of Boston, Chicago and New York, but I’m not planning ahead just yet.’

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