Police charged with goodwill

The Police Cricket Club has a strong reputation for not just excellence on the pitch but also helping the needy in the community.

That’s why early Saturday morning they hosted a special breakfast for youngsters and elderly alike at Burger King in Walkers Road.

Police have always produced some of the best players on the island and until recently provided the nucleus of the Cayman national side.

Police captain Pearson Best said: ‘We’re here this morning, members of the club, in partnership with our main sponsors Burger King in the spirit of giving back to the community.

‘They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we invited members of the community to come and share that most important meal together.

‘There’s a saying that goes: ‘Giving is better than receiving’. That is why we’ve teamed up with Burger King in the spirit of giving.

‘I want to thank Burger King’s Fred Dallas, the operations manager, in assisting us. Most of our goals would not have been achievable without his help. Hopefully, with the 2009 season ahead of us, we can go from strength to strength.

‘I also want to thank the neighbourhood policing officer Dave Cumberbatch in assisting us in making this event happen. Without him it would not have been possible.’

Police are celebrating 40 years of playing cricket in Cayman and have many events planned to mark the anniversary.

‘We’re going to have a boat cruise, a big raffle, beach parties and past versus present cricket match,’ said Best.

‘We’ll probably name it Commissioners v Constables. We’re also going on tour to Barbados again and will be taking two young Caymanians free of charge, as we usually do, so this morning’s breakfast is just the start of things to come.

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