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Editor’s note: The Caymanian Compass is offering a Meet the Candidates feature on the front page introducing Member of the Legislative Assembly candidates for the 20 May General Election. Candidates are asked to fill out a form and return it with a colour photograph to the Compass. The feature will appear as candidates return the completed forms and will occur once for each candidate until 8 May, 2009, when the feature will cease 

Dora Ebanks, 50, is an independent candidate for the District of West Bay.

She is a housewife, mother of three and grandmother of three.

The top three campaign issues are crime, youth and legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco.

On crime, unsolved crimes and reasons causing crimes, she said: ‘A closer look needs to be taken to determine the reasons causing crime. More attention needs to be placed on access and smuggling weapons. We do not need tragic deaths.’

On youth, education, training and employment, she said: ‘More attention needs to be placed on these very important issues, especially in regard to our youth.’

She considers alcohol and tobacco to be legal drugs.

‘I am very concerned about all the deaths and injuries caused by alcohol and speeding. They are also a major cause for domestic abuse, divorces, etc.’

Mrs. Ebanks graduated with an Associate Degree in Secretarial Science and Office Administration. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and pursued a Master’s Degree in Educational Media. Positions she has held include administrative assistant, executive officer, librarian and teacher.

‘I feel that I would be a good representative because I would look about the needs of our people and their welfare. Also, I would constantly keep in touch with them.’

Candidate forms can be picked up at the Compass office at the Compass Centre on Shedden Road during working hours or can be emailed to candidates. Send requests to [email protected] or [email protected] 

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