Triple C launches Dual System

After several years of diligent research and consideration, Triple C School will now be offering dual British/American systems to the students at their high school.

In 2007 Triple C started a pilot project by registering a few students to sit the CXC English exam. All students received good results, which was an encouragement to further promote the examinations among other students. The number of students who took the exam tripled in 2008, and again the passes were good among approximately 90 per cent of the students.

The school is now planning to add at least four more subjects in the next year and continue expanding as needed to offer the students the best of both worlds, as well as open doors to higher education in the UK.

The school has not ruled out other external examinations in their quest to provide the best and most versatile preparation for our students, but at the moment has connected with the CXC due to its widespread use and recognition within the region.
This merging of systems, which was formerly thought to be impossible, will in no way interfere with the credit structure of the school’s current U.S. system. And instead of watering down the programs they offer, the school believes that the synergy of the two is greater than either one standing alone.

The US education system now places more focus on qualifying examinations, while the British system now accepts continuous assessment as a significant part of a student’s grade thus making a marriage of these two systems a win-win partnership.

‘I am really glad that I took the exam and am excited about my score. I didn’t know what to expect but obviously diligence and hard work paid off.’ said Nicole Crance, a tenth grader who received a grade one pass in English.

According to Triple C there are many parents who like both the elements of the U.S. and British system which have been combined at the school. ‘It is a small start, but success breeds success and we are confident that this is the right decision,’ said Triple C School’s Principal Dr. Anthony Husemann.

Students or parents interested in getting more information on the dual system can call Triple C School at 949-6022 and ask to speak to, Dr. Husemann. More information on CXC examinations is available at