Alden storms ahead

The Cayman Motorsports Association promised to work out the bugs with their new starting time last month. At this month’s Time Attack, sponsored by Stingray Batteries, they delivered.

With the Minister for Sports Hon. Alden McLaughlin in attendance the racing started promptly at 6pm.

Racing started near the entrance to Progressive and an all new course for everyone involved. As usual the event ran very smooth, so smooth in fact that after the first couple of rounds two more runs were added to the class runs.

There was some of the usual smack talking going on before the start between Roje Williams and Gary Bromfield, the usual leader of the Front Wheel Drive class. Roje had done some work to his suspension and those in the know felt he might have an edge.

Williams would not disappoint in his Toyota Turbo Starlet. Roje would come first, putting down a time of 57.835 seconds. Bromfield garnered a 58.913s time.

Also running in FWD was young Kody Miller. Kody ran a few times last year in his Corolla Sedan but this year he graduated to a more spirited Toyota Trueno. By night’s end he had a best time of 61.153s.

Sharing his car was his older brother Nikko, who with a little more experience, ran a best time of 59.817s.

Also running in this class were two female competitors in Jodi Jackson (in her Scion Tc) and Vicki Hulse (in her Mazda 3).

The All Wheel Drive Class saw the return of Aussie Sean O’Neil. Last season he set his sights on frequent winner Keith ‘Speedy’ Tibbetts and the two have enjoyed a friendly competition since. Both drive blue Subaru Imprezas though they are vastly different machines especially as Sean’s is almost stock while Speedy’s has significant work done to it.

Despite the differences the times between the two cars are always very close. Sean had Speedy beat right until the fifth run where Sean had an uncharacteristic cone penalty. In the end the margin separating them was only 0.474s with Speedy taking the win in 56.3361s.

Also running in the AWD class were Jimel McLean and Michael Weatherford in the Stingray Battery Evo III. Last TA Jimel came out on top. However it seems the lesson was not lost on young Michael as he bested the ‘Jimel shift’ with a time of 59.426s to Jimel’s 60.044s.

RWD was very lightly contested with only three competitors: Ian Charlery in his Honda S2000, Peter Jurgens in his Toyota Altezza and Chaz Jurgens in his glowing Mazda Miata. After a few runs Chaz had to abandon the event due to some faulty plug wires which left Ian and Peter to battle it out.

The two went back and forth but in the end Peter was able to get the win in his TRD machine.

Peter said: ‘I’m just doing what I can and trying to improve every run. I think everyone did extremely well this time. We were able to do five runs, a battle run and still ended before 10pm. That’s pretty amazing as far as I’m concerned.’

Gary Huggins was able to fix the Kimmar sponsored Starlet car after a suspension failure last month and the car was back in fighting form in the Unlimited class.

Among his competition was his son Marcus. The younger Huggins usually runs his Nissan Pulsar but decided to give the old man’s ride a try. Seeing as he didn’t really fit in the car and it was his first time out Marcus did well and with some more seat time could do better.

Back again in the Mitsubishi Mirage were cousins Wayne Kirkconnell and Andy Bodden.

Kirkconnell took the early lead but Bodden came back in the forth run after chipping away at the times. Wayne was not able to best Andy’s 55.185s time and had to settle for second at 56.361s. Gary came in third with Marcus rounding out the field.

From there the Battle Run ensued with drivers who had the top 12 times. The slowest started first and a base time of 65.407s was set by Kody Miller. Thereafter Kirkconnell set the mark at 62.04s.

Next up was Sean O’Neil in his Impreza. However he made an error negotiating the slightly different course and got an immediate Did Not Finish. The focus then shifted on Speedy in the Valvoline STI to possibly take down Wayne, but he too made an uncharacteristic error in the course and was disqualified.

Last up to run was the venerable Andy Bodden. He ran through the course and managed to find almost two seconds over his cousin for the win in 60.114s. Kirkconnell has now vowed to stop sharing running notes with Andy.

A highlight of the night was McLaughlin going for a ride with CMA president Bobby Hulse. After donning helmets the two went out in the Valvoline Sti. Hulse showed the Minister he knows a little about driving as he ran a time of 56.662s.

After his spin McLaughlin had many positive feelings on the event and the sport itself.

‘I am impressed by the level of organisation that CMA has incorporated into the Time Attack events and it is evident that the club is comprised of people who are not only passionate about driving, but driving safely.

‘After going on a spirited ride through the course with the CMA President it is clear that events such as these can teach our drivers useful skills which will help improve their driving capabilities on our roads.

‘Overall I enjoyed the event very much and wish the club every success in the achievement of their objectives.’

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