Water Authority needs attention

Having read your article [‘Water Authority accused of bullying’, Compass 1 April] concerning the bullying tactics and intimidation reportedly employed by the Director of the Water Authority toward not only Mr. [John] Masters but toward your newspaper as well, I fully endorse the comments contained in your editorial.

Hundreds of people, including my daughter, have received these unexplained high bills, not accounted for by a leak or tap left on, and have been forced to pay up under threat of disconnection.

Having the meter tested on a one-off basis will not identify random malfunctions in the equipment, but this would certainly account for the problem.

Coincidentally I received a disconnection notice in the mail recently although my last monthly bill was paid directly online as I always do, on 16 March. If I had been off island my water would have been disconnected.

On enquiry, I received a message saying my payment had been located, but no word of apology.

We do not live in Communist China or Cuba where this type of behaviour is to be expected and I sincerely hope the Minister responsible will speak directly with the Water Authority director to educate her on customer relationships in a democratic society.

Roger M. Davies