Piercy UDP GT candidate

Editor’s note: The Caymanian Compass is offering a Meet the Candidates feature on the front page introducing Member of the Legislative Assembly candidates for the 20 May General Election. Candidates are asked to fill out a form and return it with a colour photograph to the Compass. The feature will appear as candidates return the completed forms and will occur once for each candidate until 8 May, 2009, when the feature will cease. 

Jonathan Piercy, 32, is a United Democratic Party candidate for the District of George Town.

He is a senior risk analyst at Butterfield Bank.

One of his top priorities is protecting our Financial Services Industry.

‘This country has been led down the wrong path over the last four years. There has been a lack of leadership on important governance issues within our police force, our local university college, and a complete lack of proper bookkeeping and accountability with the government finances. This has to end, and bringing responsible government back to Cayman is what has motivated me to run for office.

Our Financial Services Industry is under attack from foreign governments seeking to lay blame for the current financial crisis outside their own borders. Competition for business is also increasing as new financial centres like Dubai aggressively market their jurisdiction and several Caribbean nations consider starting or increasing their presence as financial centres.

‘By working with the UDP I can be a strong voice for the financial services sector and work to protect and grow this vital sector for the benefit of all Caymanians.’

Youth is also an issue.

‘I am concerned that the education system is failing this new generation of Caymanians and am passionate about reforming the system to ensure it meets the needs of today’s students while providing them with the same opportunities that were available to me.

‘The UDP will review the report of teachers’ salaries and working conditions and implement the findings and recommendations in order to restore the morale and confidence of our teaching service. We will review the Education Standards Assessment Unit to evaluate the effectiveness of school performance and give them the authority to enforce the carrying out of recommendations made in their reports.

‘We will also review the existing curriculum to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to our students’ needs and our economy.’

On fiscal responsibility he said, ‘The PPM administration has saddled the Cayman Islands with record levels of debt and out of control Government spending. The Islands’ economy shrank every year since 2005, when this government came into power. This is no coincidence.

‘The Cayman Islands needs a change in leadership. The UDP team offers fresh ideas, a solid plan of action, and the right mix of talented, caring professionals to lead Cayman back onto the path of prosperity.

‘I feel that respect has been a declining commodity in Cayman. Respect for our environment, respect for our economy, respect for our communities, and respect for our government. We need to return that sense of pride to our islands that I remember as a youth.’ said Mr. Piercy. ‘We need to hold our Government accountable to its people, because important decisions about the future of our country will not resolve themselves. They require the commitment of individuals who care about the greater good.

‘If elected, I pledge to do everything in my power to bring back responsible government and to improve the quality of life for our people.’

Candidate forms can be picked up at the Compass office at the Compass Centre on Shedden Road during working hours or can be emailed to candidates. Send requests to [email protected] or [email protected]