Speak English

I thank you for allowing space in your newspaper to voice my concerns as a native citizen of this great country and one whom is extremely proud to state ‘I am Caymanian’.

I am touching on a particular nationality with this letter however I am in no way attempting to create disharmony amongst them or Caymanian citizens. I am merely speaking of the way in which they conduct themselves whilst on the job in the public arena of my country.

I am appealing to those who are painting the others with a bad image in that they continue to speak in their native language whilst on the job in the local businesses etc

So I am personally appealing to the businesses that hire these individuals to make it policy and enforce it that your employees speak the native language of this county on the job representing your business. If they fail to adhere to your policy then replace them.

Therefore, I am appealing to Caymanians who experience these situations in the grocery stores or any of the local businesses to simply do one of two things: 1) stop conducting business at this location and boycott them until they have enforced these policies; 2) speak up to the individuals and let them know that this country has been kind enough to open its doors and permit them to move up in life by having employment in the Cayman Islands, earning a monthly salary that they would never see in a year back at home. Suggest to them that they embrace this right and return some honour to the host country and its people, culture and heritage.

Finally, I will probably get a rebuttal from the Human Rights Committee, but I say to them that I am only going after the human rights of the Caymanian people and its culture and heritage, which speaks loudly that we are an English speaking nation and while you work, live and play here you practice this with the utmost of respect.

Thank you very much for allowing me to have a voice on this matter.

Ruth Scott