Today’s Editorial April 20: Forums a refreshing change

As of today we’ve gotten three Chamber of Commerce District Candidates’ Forums under out belt and so far things are looking promising.

The forums have proven to be extremely informative and offer insight on where candidates stand personally on various issues.

A front page headline in the Friday, 17 April, edition of the Caymanian Compass pretty much sums up what the forums are doing – Differences on display.

And that’s refreshing.

While political rallies and even individuals’ political meetings in the various districts can stir up candidates’, their supporters and distracters with fever-pitched rhetoric, the forums offer a staid place for candidates to, in a few hours, offer opening statements, answer questions from the Chamber of Commerce and from the audience and make closing statements.

These forums allow the candidates to present themselves in a dignified manner at a venue where the voters who really care are allowed to ask questions about issues on they consider to be most important in this election.

While it’s good to have unity through parties and coalitions, at the end of the day voters are making their decisions based on where the individual candidates stand on particular issues.

And from what we’ve seen so far, the difference stances are as diverse as the candidates themselves.

Some of the candidates are offering new ways to look at issues; others are sticking to the old tried and true ways of dealing with different issues with perhaps a new spin.

The Chamber of Commerce is doing a tremendous service to the Cayman Islands, the candidates and the voters by hosting these forums.

We hope that the candidates that have yet to confirm their attendance at the forums will do so.

And we hope that the public will take advantage of these forums, which will continue through the month of April.

They are an opportunity for all of us to get to know first-hand how these candidates plan to help run the country if they are elected.

The General Elections on 20 May are important, not just for the next four years, but for future generations.

Make sure you are informed before you go to the polls and use these forums as a way to get educated.