Recycling takes everyone’s effort

It is true that Cayman is turning greener.

I am American but, as the owner of one of the sea lodges at Cayman Kai, I have been spending a lot of time on your Island.

There is nothing that delights me more than your green endeavours, whether it is the recent purchase of land for conservation, the beach clean-up at Bodden Town, the Dart parks, the propagation and sale of native plants at the Botanic Park, or the National Trust programmes, just to name a few.

Something that would make you even greener would be a recycling programme. I have been in touch with Linda Bishop of the Department of Environment and with your own Basia Pioro to see if anything could be done about it and if we could help promote it.

There seems to be a lack of funds and a lack of interest on the part of the public. In the US, recycling is voluntary, but has become almost a moral obligation, for the sake of the planet. I am sure you could accomplish the same once government, together with the schools and churches raise awareness.

Doris von Kessler

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