Beck mansion photos clog Gov’t servers

The opulent South Sound mansion owned by billionaire Jerry Beck is very likely far too big for most of our wallets.

beck home

Some of the photos of the Beck mansion that were circulated last week.

But as some Cayman Islands government workers found out last week, the home is apparently too big for most of their e-mails as well.

A five-megabyte e-mail with attached photos circulating around the islands on Thursday showed various pictures of the inside and outside of the recently constructed Beck mansion. The photos showed stunning views of the home’s great room, spa, lounge, pool, hot tub, as well photos taken from outside of the beach-front property.

Usually a 5MB e-mail is not too large for the government system, but this one was sent around so many times to so many users, it clogged up the government’s system, according to a statement issued from Government Information Services.

The exchange servers were slowed – they did not crash and were not shut down – because they were busy trying to send multiple copies of this 5MB email, a statement issued by Government Information Services explained.

The delay resulted in some messages not being sent, and others not arriving to their intended destinations for several hours. By early Friday, the problem had been resolved.

‘It’s just another case of curiosity,’ GIS representative Kenisha Morgan said. ‘People were curious and wanted to share.’

Government e-mail users are able to use their work accounts for personal e-mails ‘providing these do not relate to any matter that is inappropriate or which could bring the government into disrepute,’ according to Chief Secretary George McCarthy.

Civil servants are not allowed to send personal messages via mass mailings to a large number of government users and are urged to delete personal and junk e-mails to clear space as soon as possible.