Work together for electricity

As a past resident of your lovely Island, I always felt that wind and sun were the obvious way to produce at least some of your energy, saving valuable dollars, and lessening your carbon footprint.

At the time, the Marl Road had it that the CUC wouldn’t countenance competition and opposed renewable energy. True or false, their new policy tends to support that theory.

I have just installed a wind turbine here in Jersey, and my local suppliers are wholly supportive.

They provide me with the excess I need on windless days, and buy from me when I overproduce. They apply the fairly standard rule in the UK, I pay full price for their supply, they pay me their buy in price of about a third for my excess. Totally reasonable since they provide the infrastructure.

The CUC approach, where they charge a person for producing electricity is so absurd, that one reasonably assumes that they wish to discourage users from helping! That is not just sad, but is shameful, and if your government had the guts, they should do something about it.

Congratulations to the two people now self sufficient, if I had your sunshine, I would do the same.

Tim Godber