Stop bashing

I applaud the Editorial in the Compass on 21 April, 2009.

It makes no sense for any politician, candidate, or party to adapt a bad habit of bashing expats just to get elected.

It is true that there are more jobs on the Island than there are Caymanians to fill them; not a problem. Simply make sure all Caymanians qualified for these positions are hired and this justifies the remainder of positions to be filled with work permits. So why is it that over 2,000 Caymanians are out of a job?

We still must maintain a civil and respectful attitude among expatriates and locals. After all they are marrying each other, and at the end of the day, they both drop their heads on the same pillow! So what’s all the bashing of expats about? It’s just senseless and counterproductive. Time to grow up.

Education is the key to this problem. Caymanians now need to become more competitive by continuing education.

Florence Goring-Nozza

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