A true policeman

Every day policemen go to work, they serve the country and the people in more ways than recognised.

By their mere presence, they protect and serve the citizens of every district and town and deter criminal activity.

Their call to duty lies deeper then what the public witnesses. Every day, every shift and every hour, their lives are put at risk. Inside their hearts, they have pride, courage, honour and loyalty.

From issuing a ticket to a traffic offender, to fighting the most violent criminals, they’re here to make the streets and neighbourhoods safe; safe, so that the people can enjoy a quality of life that makes these Islands so special and the flag can fly proudly.

Safe, so that the elected officials, Government leaders and the Governor can effectively lead the country.

Safe, so that the children and elderly people can feel proud and content and assured.

Safe, so that citizens and visitors may tour the country, learn the history, and visit monumental sites that represent the true loyalty that persist in these Islands.

Safe, so that all people from all nations can peacefully live.

One day could be quite peaceful, while the next could be time to rock and roll. That is why they must never go against the brotherhood that is formed. Police-Immigration-Customs-Prison and Fire Service and medical personnel and private security officers have a special common bond; a special comradeship. They are their own family.

One must never leave a brother behind, become a quitter, or worse yet, a coward. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

When their shift is over, they put away the duty gear and return home to their families. But, their service never ends. It continues to make it safe, for everyone.

A true example of this way of thinking was living proof in Greg Thompson and his memory will always encourage those who sacrifice the normal way of life to serve and protect.

May he rest in peace and may his spirit remain present to encourage those who continue his legacy as a true policeman’s policeman.

When faced with difficult tasks find the strength and courage to continue the mission without favouritism or corruption.

This will be the true sign of respect for the memory of this special son-brother-husband-father-friend and partner.

Gone in the physical sense but his spirit and memory will always be here to guide us and protect us as we continue the struggle to keep these beautiful Islands Safe and Secure.

Greg Thompson the policeman.

Thank you for being my true friend and colleague.

Scott Novak

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