Wheel clamping out of control

I do not agree that the Parking Management Services is performing all its services within the constraints of the law.

I was also clamped recently and was extremely upset by the act and the high fee paid to remove the clamp.

My vehicle was parked in the last spot at the Fort Street market (facing Hero’s square) and that spot did NOT have a sign – (I took pictures – three other spots had signs directly in front the parking spot). And I verily do not believe that the parking spots in that area are private as I am positive that area was allocated by Planning for public parking and the pavement and surrounding area cannot be private!

Furthermore, Fort Street market is now under construction, therefore I was not taking a parking spot away from a customer.

On the notice stuck to your car, you are given a cell phone number to call and there is also a sign stating to ‘please obey out traffic and parking regulations’. Excuse me? Where are these parking and traffic regulations located and what is the appeal process for contesting a clamping that may be wrong?

All these issues need to be properly addressed. I wrongly thought that the Police department had the control over parking regulations. Furthermore, if I illegal park on the road the usual parking fee is $25. So what makes this company charge of CI$75 reasonable? I suggest paying this fee in the smallest denomination possible…I did!

If someone is trespassing on your property, I do not believe you have a right to capture and hold that person ransom.

You have the right to remove that person, call the police or sue them. Therefore, why should they hold cars at ransom on the property? The only right they have in my opinion is to tow the vehicle from their property.

Only in Grand Cayman can this nonsense be tolerated. Do you think a company like that could operate in any other Caribbean island like Jamaica, Trinidad or St. Lucia?

Stacy Parke