Cross walks need attention

I know that many residents will mirror my concern when it comes to road safety on the Island and I believe there are three major potential disaster areas which are just screaming for a tragic accident.

The hot-spots are the pedestrian crossings by the cruise ship landings in George Town and the two areas on West Bay Road where tourists cross the road to the nearby restaurants (one by Comfort Suites and the second by the Westin Resort).

With the growing number of cruise ship tourists in George Town I believe the pedestrian cross-walks by the north and south cruise ship terminals could be upgraded to better safeguard our walking and driving visitors. The cross-walks could be made more prominent either by repainting on a regular basis or perhaps even better, be raised like the walkway by the Immigration building (which I’m sure does not get as much pedestrian traffic as the crosswalks in town).

Also, perhaps the crosswalks could be marked visibly by installing flashing lollipops / beacons so that both visiting drivers and pedestrians could be made more aware of them.

The crossings on West Bay Road? Well at least some form of pedestrian crossing needs to be implemented before someone gets seriously hurt or worse yet, killed.

And whilst on the topic of road safety, does the West Bay Road really need to be 40mph? At least the section of road between Governor’s Square and town could be reduced to 30mph. With the amount of traffic on the road nowadays no one is going anywhere in a hurry!

With the erratic and irresponsible manner in which the majority of traffic drives on the Island and with our tourists walking higgledy-piggledy everywhere these are small recommendations for important changes which could in turn save someone’s life.

Ann Crofts