Cell phone ‘lottery’ a scam

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has issued an urgent warning to all cell phone users in the Cayman Islands.

The Financial Crime Unit has received a number of reports from residents who have been called by someone informing them they have won half a million dollars in the ‘Nokia Lottery’.

It is thought that a large number of people would have already received the call, which appears to have started Thursday night. The caller states that the target has won the money in the ‘Nokia Lottery’ and then requests personal details from the victim. The caller states that this is to facilitate the preparation of the payment cheque.

The person then tells the scam victim that an Agent from FedEx will deliver the cheque and upon receiving it, and instructs the target of the scam to pay the FedEx agent.

The number from which the call originates is a Nigerian number and will appear on people’s display screens as +234; however the victim is given a UK number for follow up calls.

Police urge anyone who receives such a call to hang up immediately or not answer the call in the first place. Residents are reminded never to give out personal details to an unknown source and if told you have won money in a competition you have never entered it is likely to be a scam.