Charges filed in failed fund case

Robert Christopher Tom Girvan appeared in Summary Court Tuesday morning on five charges relating to the Grand Island Fund.

A press release from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said the charges were laid by detectives of the Financial Crime Unit investigating the collapse of the fund.

The first charge against Girvan is uttering a false document, namely that on 12 May 2008 he knowingly uttered an account balance sheet purporting the same to be genuine and with intent to defraud.

The second charge is obtaining a money transfer by deception, namely that on or about 4 September 2007 he dishonestly obtained for himself or another a money transfer in the sum of US$800,000 by deception by falsely representing that Naul C. Bodden authorised the said transfer of funds.

Mr. Girvan also faces three charges of forgery:

That on or about 5 May 2008 Girvan made a false document, namely an ‘account balance sheet’ with intent to defraud;

That on or about 9 August 2006 he made a false document, namely a letter from Richard M. Duncan to Christopher Girvan purportedly detailing the balance of accounts held at Scotia McLeod as at 31 March 2006;

That on or about 4 September 2007, Girvan forged an authority for the payment of funds by a Sham Maraj, a person carrying out the business of a banker, namely by way of a fax.

Attorney Edward Renvoize appeared for Girvan, who is a Jamaican national residing in Grand Cayman. After receiving disclosure documents from Crown Counsel Tanya Lobban, Mr. Renvoize said he would need time to take instructions on them from his client

Acting Magistrate Valdis Foldats set the matter for mention again on 26 May. He continued bail for Girvan until then.

The police press release said investigations were ongoing and detectives would like anyone with information or knowledge of the matter to come forward. It asks anyone who can assist to contact Detective Constable Richard Clarke at 949-8797.