Referendum vote count under way

A vote tally that lasted into the wee hours of Thursday morning does not mark the end of Cayman’s 2009 elections.

There’s just the matter of a new constitutional agreement with the United Kingdom to hash out.

The vote count on the Islands constitutional modernisation referendum began at 10am Thursday at Elections Office headquarters.

Referendum results were expected by late afternoon or early evening.

According to Election Office ballot counts, voter participation in the referendum was significantly lower than the general election.

Data compiled by the Caymanian Compass showed that about 1,700 people who voted in the general election did not vote in the referendum.

Overall turnout in the election was just more than 80 per cent of eligible Cayman Islands voters. Turnout in the referendum was roughly 71 per cent.

The largest under vote on the constitutional referendum came from West Bay voting district, where about 65 per cent of the eligible voters chose to participate. Some 81 per cent of those West Bay voters cast ballots in the general election.

The districts with the largest percentage of voters participating in the referendum were Bodden Town and North Side.