Butterfield hooked them up

Butterfield was once again a major sponsor of the 12th annual International Fishing Tournament which ran from April 21-28 at the Barcadere Marina.

Angling President Frank Thompson said: ‘We are very grateful to Butterfield for their continued support once again to the tournament, which helps promote responsible angling and gives this great sport its recognition.’

Butterfield sponsored the heaviest and second heaviest dolphin to be caught on a 26-foot boat, which was presented to awardees at the awards ceremony two weeks ago.

Megan Bodden was awarded US$5,000 and an Island Glass trophy for catching the heaviest dolphin. Brevon Elliot won the prize of $2,000 and an Island Glass trophy for the second heaviest dolphin. The awards ceremony will also be later televised.

Butterfield’s Rebecca Ebanks said: ‘Butterfield is proud to be a part of this great event for which anglers from all over the island can celebrate their culture and participate in this great sport.’