Today’s Editorial for May 29: Hurricane season starts Monday

Monday starts the official 2009 Hurricane Season.

And while a normal hurricane season has been forecast, activity has already begun in the Atlantic Ocean.

On Thursday the first tropical depression formed off the coast of North Carolina in the United States – four days before the official start of the season.

If the storm develops into something stronger, it will be named Ana.

The formation of the tropical depression should be a reminder to us all to get prepared for foul weather.

An earthquake that struck Honduras Thursday morning should also be a reminder that we should be prepared for any weather emergency.

For starters, check your hurricane supplies.

If you have batteries or food that has expired, get rid of them and replace them.

Make sure you know where all of your important documents are and get them in water-proof packaging.

Check on your medications and make sure that they too are in date and that you will have enough on hand should disaster strike.

All families and businesses in the Cayman Islands should have an adequate hurricane or disaster plan; one that all family members and employees are familiar with.

Once again this year Cayman Free Press will produce the annual hurricane guide.

This year’s guide is filled with important information that should be reviewed by those new to the Islands and those who are veterans of storms.

This year’s guide is larger than ever and chock full of information to get you prepared for, through a storm and what to do after.

Look for it in the Caymanian Compass on 11 June.

Again, this is a free service to the Cayman Islands community.

We think that it is important that everyone be armed with the right information to help them prepare for a hurricane or any other weather disaster.

If you haven’t already done so, restock your hurricane supplies, ensure your plan is in place and get ready for Hurricane Season 2009.