Masters games

The Cayman Islands Masters Cricket Club will be having an All Nations – Masters Cricket Competition and Fun Day and Monday, July 6, at the Smith Road Cricket Oval.

Masters organizer Sheila Rankine said: ‘We want to have teams as follows: Cayman Masters, Jamaica Masters, Barbados Masters, Greenies Masters, Guyana Masters and Rest of the World Masters for those who do not have enough people from the same country. This would be a combined team.’

The first day’s play will have two games played. The final playoff for first and second place will be played on July 6.

There will be a registration fee of CI$10 per person per game to cover the cost of T-Shirts, water and Gatorade.

‘Anyone interested in registering a team should contact any of the committee members or me,’ said Rankine. ‘Please bear in mind that masters must be 40 years of age at the end of 2009 and older.’ Contact: 916-1825.