Sidewalks needed near hospital

A very serious and dangerous situation exists on Hospital Road that requires immediate attention to avoid a fatal accident.

I am referring to the lack of sidewalks on Hospital Road between Elgin Avenue and Crewe Road, Walkers Road junction.

There is no sidewalk on the western side of Hospital Road as all fences and boundaries are immediately beside the road and on the eastern side of Hospital Road the sidewalk is incomplete, forcing pedestrians to walk directly in the road.

Hospital Road pedestrian traffic is in the main, used by people going to or from the hospital, many of the walking with a pram or baby stroller or carrying children and infants in their arms and in many instances are not feeling well and walking slowly or with some difficulty with many using crutches or walking canes.

I trust the NRA will inspect this area and implement immediate action to complete this important sidewalk to avert the injury of death of someone having to walk on this road to go to or from the hospital for the pedestrian traffic is quite heavy as is the vehicular traffic.

This is not a large or expensive undertaking and perhaps the landowners on the eastern side will contribute the six feet required for a sidewalk in the knowledge they all own commercially zoned land and if they apply for development of their land, they will have to build the sidewalk at their expense, but by deeding the necessary land to government, it will build the sidewalk at its expense, not a bad trade off in my view.

I trust that in the spirit of protecting our brothers and sisters and children that this suggestion or rather urgent plea will be undertaken immediately.

Kent. D. Eldemire