Rosie really made a splash with everyone

Swimming instructor Rose Lewis is a cancer survivor and in appreciation of the help and support she got she has tirelessly raised money for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Dagmar Wojcicki recently presented Lewis with a cheque for $100 o behalf of the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association as their contribution to the recent sponsored swim that Miss Rosie did for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Miss Rosie said: ‘I am so grateful of everyone’s support again for my sponsored swim and the CIASA have always been so encouraging. I’m thankful that they let me use the Butterfield 800 metres sea swim again as my vehicle to raise funds for the community through the Cancer Society.’

This year’s magnificent total of just over $8,600 means that Miss Rosie has raised nearly $30,000 for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society since beginning the sponsored swims in 2006.

‘I wanted to give back into the community and the Cancer Society all the support that I received during my cancer and – as a swimming teacher – this seemed the ideal way to do it.

‘I must take this opportunity while I have some people’s attention – and that what it is all about really – to urge everyone to be pro-active in their health care and to continue routine screening. In all the times I have been touched by cancer it has been caught by chance X rays; regular screening; tests and so on. Please leave nothing to chance.’ She was diagnosed with lung cancer four years ago.

‘I really deeply thank everyone who has made my fundraising so successful over the past htre years.’

Sadly Rose is returning to live in England with husband Simon in a couple of weeks. She had a farewell party for her kids on Saturday and lots of fun was had by all.

Well over 60 of Miss Rosie’s present and past students turned up to for the ‘Play Date’, her farewell pool party held at the Lions Pool on Saturday.

‘It was lovely to have chance to thank everyone for their loyalty and support over the years here in Cayman working as swimming teacher. It was so much fun to watch all of the children and some of the parents playing together.

‘In fact I spent most of the time in the water with them! I had some of my early past students who are now teenagers there as my ‘helpers’ – what a full circle that seemed.

Indeed with all of Miss Rosie’s toys in the pool it looked a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

She has worked in Cayman for 13 years as a swimming teacher and, much to her delight, has recently qualified as a yoga teacher.

They are looking forward to starting a new phase of their life in England surrounded by their children and grand children.

‘Am I retiring?? No way – I am looking forward to teaching yoga and swimming for many years to come. Besides, I’m way too young to retire!’