Passenger praises CAL crew

I would like to express my concern about what transpired on 3 June, 2009, aboard Cayman Airways flight KX107 from Miami to Grand Cayman. A lot of people have different opinions about that night and I have experienced mostly negative views from some passengers on flight 107. I was a passenger on 107 that night and I would like to set the record straight.

First, I would like to congratulate Captain Joey Jackson and First Officer Leroy McLaughlin, who happens to be my high school classmate. I would like them to know how proud I am of them and the crew for a job well done.

Flight 107 was passing outside Kilago, Cuba at 33,000 feet when Captain Jackson discovered a problem with the cabin pressure. He quickly followed procedures, asking flight crew to stop serving and take their seats and fasten seatbelts. My seat was at the window on the left wing. I heard engine power pulling back and the plane made a smooth quick descent. With minutes of the descent, Captain Jackson took 107 to safe altitude which would be 10,000 feet.

When the problem was under control, he announced what had taken place and the precautions that had to be taken at the time. I want everyone to try to understand the great stress and quick decision-making these pilots have to make on a daily basis. They should get all the respect that they fully deserve everyday by taking us from point A to point B, and risking their lives in a job they love so much.

I think we have some of the best pilots in the world flying our airline. Most of them are from the Cayman Islands that we all call home.

I would fly anywhere in the world with my pilots from these islands.

Franz Vousden