Franz to leave immigration post

In what may have been the worst-kept secret in the Cayman Islands civil service, an announcement late Friday confirmed Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson has been promoted to the post of Deputy Chief Secretary.

manderson to leave

Franz Manderson

Mr. Manderson was mentioned as a possible successor to Deputy Chief Secretary Donovan Ebanks more than a year ago. Mr. Ebanks is replacing Chief Secretary George McCarthy following Mr. McCarthy’s retirement on 1 July.

Mr. Manderson will also take up his new appointment on 1 July.

With the promotion, Mr. Manderson’s role will change from what is essentially a top law enforcement post to that of government portfolio insider. The deputy chief secretary generally has responsibility for overseeing many of the operations of the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs, including police, immigration and customs.

Mr Manderson has worked in the immigration office for almost all of his 28 years in government, having joined the Immigration Department as a clerical officer in 1981.

He moved through the Immigration Department rapidly, and within 10 years was promoted to the post of assistant chief immigration officer. Four years later, in 1996, he was promoted to deputy chief immigration officer.

Mr. Manderson is also an attorney, having been called to the Cayman Bar in 2004. He became the Chief Immigration Officer that same year.

Mr McCarthy said he was pleased to have Mr. Manderson as the next Deputy Chief Secretary ‘especially in these economic times, and with the introduction of the new constitution that will have a significant impact on the public service.’

‘I will bring the same dedication and enthusiasm to my new post,’ Mr. Manderson said.

Mr. Ebanks acknowledged the significant contributions Mr. Manderson made at the helm of immigration, both for the staff and the community.

‘However, in his new position, Mr. Manderson will have even greater opportunities to influence the provision of public services to the community,’ Mr. Ebanks said. ‘Based on his track record, I also expect that he will have a positive impact on the wider civil service.’

Applications will be taken for the post of chief immigration officer.