Faith Hospital upgrades

With the first phase of a renovation programme at Cayman Brac’s Faith Hospital now complete, a second phase of upgrades started last week.

This next phase will focus on improving outpatient facilities and includes renovations of the pharmacy, laboratory, X-Ray and reception areas.

As a result, the services will be relocated to the Dental Clinic building.

Some outpatient consultations will continue to be available in the inpatient areas and appropriate signs have been posted to guide patients through the facility to these services, the Health Services Authority said in a statement.

The Pharmacy will temporarily be located in the Conference Room and Laboratory services will be relocated to the inpatient unit. The Emergency Room (ER) can be accessed through the east entrance the statement said, while afternoon clinics will also be added to reduce waiting times.

‘With the construction activities there may be some delays in accessing service, however, our team will do all we can to ensure that any disruptions are minimised as much as possible,’ said the HSA’s Medical Director, Dr. Greg Hoeksema. ‘We appreciate your patience during these periods when the delivery of service has been impacted.’

Mr. Hoeksema said the HSA is also deeply appreciative of the assistance provided by the Kirkconnell Community Care Centre for the use of the Annex for such an extended period during the renovations of the main hospital building.

‘Our Team at Faith Hospital headed by Medical Officer in Charge, Dr. Velusamy and Hospital Administrator, Mrs. Yvette Dilbert is available at anytime to provide further information or to discuss any concerns you may have,’ the statement said.

‘Once again, our thanks for your patience and understanding as we complete the exciting improvements to provide better healthcare to all residents of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.’