Males top achievers at Triple C graduation

Five male graduates were the top achievers at Triple C School this past academic year.

Top achievers at Triple C

Top subject awards went to Brandon McLean, left, Deric Galvao, John Gracey, Rafael Elias.
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Deric Galvao, Brandon McLean, Rafael Elias, Joseph Gracey and Casey Salgado were in the spotlight at the seniors’ graduation held at the Church of God Chapel last Monday.

Principal Anthony Husemann congratulated the students on a job well done, especially the boys at Triple C.

The 26 graduates and parents were impressed as faculty formed a robed guard in their honour.

It was a night full of excitement, joy and anticipation for students moving out of their secondary education and looking forward to a bright beginning in tertiary education or the job force.

Guest speaker Dr. Andrew Robinson reminded students that although there were global crises going on around them, there was hope because they have what it takes through their scholastic preparation and God-given talents to succeed.

He encouraged them to be mentors to those coming behind, as this is the true measure of success. To believe in yourself and be confident and develop a passion for life as you strike out in the future, he said.

Dr. Robinson also gave great focus to the importance of their faith in God. ‘It ought to be the backbone of your existence and the sounding board for strong leadership and future success. Therefore, be mindful of the immense value on your life and awesome responsibility passed on to you,’ he said.

Triple C School has a long and distinguished history of academic excellence in the Cayman Islands. Founded in 1941 as a mission of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana, the school has grown and changed a lot in 68 years.

Eighteen of the 26 graduates will be enrolling in university or college in the next school year with the others opting to work, but still keeping college as a future goal.

Certificates and awards were present to graduates in various categories:

Excellent Achievement Award: Deric Galvao

Creative Christian Award: Tiffany Trotter and Kerri-Ann Chisholm.

Triple C Outstanding Senior and Leader Award: Erika Dingler.

Excellence in the Visual Arts Award: Lorraine General.