Prisoners released

Seven inmates were released from Her Majesty’s Prison Northward last week on orders issued from Governor Stuart Jack’s office.

The prisoners were released following their earlier recall from parole.

The specific details of each man’s case were not discussed by Governor Jack’s office. However, the Compass has learned that some of the men who were released had been jailed previously for sex offences.

An e-mail sent Tuesday by the head of the governor’s office, Steve Moore, said the men were released because they had all completed their sentences.

‘These prisoners had been released earlier, but had breached the conditions of their parole licences,’ Mr. Moore wrote in the e-mail. ”They had been re-incarcerated for breaching the conditions of their parole licence. Following legal advice from the attorney general’s chambers, the decision was taken to amend their dates of release.’

The governor’s office did not state when the prisoners’ previous release dates had been set, but it was understood those dates had been moved up.

Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation William Rattray also confirmed the release of the prisoners, but declined to comment further.

‘We did release prisoners, but it wasn’t our decision,’ Mr. Rattray said.

The Compass is aware that a judicial review was filed within the last several months challenging the recall of one Northward prisoner that occurred following his initial parole. It was not clear if that filing for judicial review had anything to do with the prisoners’ release.

The attorney who filed for the review, Scott Wilson, said the client he represents was not one of the seven released from Northward on Friday. The man, whose name is not being released by the Compass, had already been released from lock-up pending a ruling on the judicial review application.

Mr. Wilson said the case was on-going and that he couldn’t discuss the details.

The governor’s office did not state whether the judicial review motion had anything to do with the prisoners’ release.

Generally, prisoners who are released on parole are required to meet certain criteria during the time left on their sentences. Those conditions can include orders to stay at home under house arrest; to stay in the Cayman Islands; or to notify parole officers if they leave the country.

Also any criminal offences committed by parolees can result in their immediate re-arrest and incarceration.

In most cases, the governor will act upon the advice of the parole commission in releasing a prisoner or prisoners.

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