Gloomy Forbes is so hamstrung

Cayman’s hurdling sensation Ronald Forbes will miss the World Championships in Berlin next month because of injury.


Forbes will have to wait until next year now. Photo: Ron Shillingford

This is a huge disappointment for all his Cayman fans who rooted for him at the Beijing Olympics when he did so well.

This is the most frustrating part of his career after bursting on the scene last summer and getting to round two of the 110 metres hurdles in Beijing.

Forbes said: ‘This year I would say has been the worse ever that I’ve had in my track career because I’ve been injured twice this season and only been able to compete three times and the times were not really good because of the first injury.

‘When my second injury came along in late May, early June, I was advised to take time off.’

That left the 24-year-old from North Side too little time to prepare for the world championships.

‘I was more or less forced to shut my season down. Thank god it wasn’t a career-ending injury.

‘Last year was a huge one for me and I was trying to build on that but unfortunately I guess this is one of those years that every athlete has to go through.

‘One minute you’re on top and the next you’re on the injured list again. It’s a back and forth thing, trying to rehab and then get injured again.’

So now he is resigned to coming back in 2010 for the Commonwealth Games and world indoor championships.

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