Private recycling effort a success

In an effort to aid the collection of waste aluminium and metal on Grand Cayman, Clinton Nicholson decided to act.

Fundraising efforts

From left, Jarrett Nicholson, Clinton Nicholson holding money raised through his fundraising efforts – Sian Weinzweig, James Mansfield, stand near two of the bins used as part of Clintons aluminium can recycling programme.
Photo: Submitted

The long-term employee of the Department of Environment and The Marine Park Enforcement Division had been conscious of the massive amount of waste on the Island and had been looking for a way to assist with the problem.

He developed a programme dedicated to purchasing bins to collect the empty cans of patrons after they finish their drinks in the many bars and restaurants around Grand Cayman. Customers are being encouraged to dispose of the cans in the recycling bins, which are provided out of the fundraising.

Once collected, the cans are taken to National Recycling a local company based in East End, whose mission it is to ship the scrap metal to the United States, where it is recycled.

Mr. Nicholson said he became interested in recycling after spending some time in San Francisco, where he couldn’t help but notice the strong culture of recycling. On his return to Cayman, he discovered National Recycling.

‘Working with National Recycling was appealing, as I like to support local business,’ said Mr. Nicholson, ‘and the more I got to know National Recycling, the more I grew to admire the business and wanted to set up my own personal project to ease the problem of waste.’

Mr. Nicholson started the recycling programme on his own initiative.

‘I purchased a waste bin and covered it in international recycling logos and Caybrew recycling logos, and with permission from Calico Jacks, I left it on the beach to see how many cans I could collect,’ he said. ‘I was delighted with the results from the customers of Calico Jacks, and so we began fundraising to purchase more bins.’

Marty Francis and Sian Weinzweig of Calico Jacks raised funds to purchase another couple of bins and at the last Full Moon Party, Caybrew – which hosted the event – and its crew raised enough money to purchase more bins, completing the project at Calico Jacks.

Ms. Weinzweig, who manages Calico Jacks, offered her full support to Mr. Nicholson’s recycling programme.

‘We are a very busy beach bar and are overjoyed to be recycling the thousands of aluminium cans that pass over the bar each month,’ she said. ‘All the staff are supportive of the project and I encourage other bars to work with Clinton and recycle too.’

Caybrew, which runs a successful bottle recycling programme and is known for having environmental philosophies at the core of its business model, also supports Mr. Nicholson’s efforts.

‘We work hard to reduce the amount of wastage in the Cayman Islands,’ said James Mansfield, commercial manager, The Cayman Islands Brewery Ltd. ‘We sell a lot of Caybrew in cans at Calico Jacks and were happy to raise money at our last Full Moon party to help to pay for the installation of recycle bins and for the many empty cans to be recycled by National Recycling’.

Anyone is interested in working with Mr. Nicholson to collect cans can contact him on [email protected]. Anyone interested in sending metal to National Recycling can visit the company on Farm Road, East End or call on 769 9995.

Caybrew bottles can be returned to the Brewery at 366 Shamrock Road, or Liquor for Less in George Town, or Ocean Frontiers in East End, for a refund of $2 per case.

‘The more I got to know National Recycling, the more I grew to admire the business and wanted to set up my own personal project to ease the problem of waste’ Clinton Nicholson.