Maidens in league of their own

They made the term maiden over literally just that when the women’s cricket league restarted in March.

The three teams involved were the Esso Panthers, Greenies and Stingrays with the Stingrays winning the league. Matches were played at the Smith Road Oval in George Town and the Jimmy Powell Stadium in West Bay.

Merta Day is a player with Esso Panthers and also an official. Her full title is secretary of the Cayman Islands Cricket Association and she is chair of the Women’s Cricket Development Committee and Youth Development.

Day said: ‘I thought this first season went really well. Each week you could see each team improving and the competition became tighter with players picking up cricket smarts.

‘The competition next season will be tighter, especially when we have four teams. Greenies just missed out on the championship and in fact it could have been a three-way tie.

‘I’ve just been to a cricket conference in London and the International Cricket Council is impressed with our progress.’

Theo Cuffy is the technical director of Cayman cricket. He too was pleased with the way the women’s game evolved.

‘It was excellent,’ Cuffy said. ‘We are looking for certain standards and although we’re not there yet, we have to strive for that.

‘We completed a full league programme and they were all played in a good, competitive spirit. I saw improvement from game to game.

‘Bowlers started understanding what they had to do to make it difficult for batters. I hope we have four teams by next year to fall in line with ICC regulations. We hope in October or November to have a little tournament for the women. Their progress has been enormously encouraging.’