Cop in court collapse is back

A Royal Cayman Islands Police sergeant who nearly collapsed on the witness stand during a murder trial last month has returned to work in a limited capacity.

Lauriston Burton, 44, appeared to be sweating profusely with eyelids fluttering while giving testimony in the trial of William McLaughlin Martinez. The presiding judge was forced to stop the trial and later excused Mr. Burton from testifying further.

It was first reported that Mr. Burton had suffered a partial artery blockage that had cut off the flow of blood to his brain briefly, but police colleagues later said he was simply suffering from overwork and exhaustion.

A police spokesperson said Mr. Burton returned to work on 27 July, about two weeks after his trouble in court, and was only being given ‘light duties’ and had been told by doctors to take it easy.

McLaughlin Martinez was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison at the trial’s end.