Keep safe by taking security measures

As Grand Cayman evolves into a bustling community security needs have changed for both businesses and individuals. Owen Lattie, owner of Elite Security Company works to meet those security needs.

‘With increased criminal activity, everyone must now be vigilant about their personal security and that of their businesses and due to the number of security companies on Grand Cayman, individuals must also consider which one is right for their needs,’ he said.

The Elite Security Company offers security logistics for businesses, apartments, office complexes, hotels and other industrial and business properties such as nightclubs and construction sites.

Mr. Lattie focuses on offering preventive crime measures so clients to prevent the event of a security breach.

‘We don’t just focus on guarding a property. Our job starts before there is a problem. It is best to keep the criminal element away from your property rather than working after the fact. That is what separates us from other security companies,’ he said.

Mr Lattie has had two decades of experience in providing security services and holds a black belt in martial arts and self defenses, making him highly qualified for any security assignment.

To discuss your security needs call Mr. Lattie 916 – 7680 for a free consult.