False report charge

Driver Sara Jackson appeared in Summary Court last week charged with making a false report of an offence to police and attempting to obtain property by deception.

According to court documents, on 2 February this year, Jackson, 31, allegedly filed a false insurance claim relating to a car accident, thereby attempting to dishonestly obtain $20,000 from insurance company Derek Bogle and Associates.

On 30 January, along the east-bound section of the East West Arterial (Newlands bypass), Jackson is said to have knowingly made a false report of an offence to a police officer when she allegedly claimed her vehicle ran into the water.

Court records stated that the defendant told police she had fallen asleep at the wheel and had woken to her car going into the water, at which time she ‘jumped out’.

However, police say there was no dirt, debris or water on her clothes, and an inspection of her burgundy Chevrolet Trail Blazer showed it was in neutral and not in drive, as Jackson had stated, and that the ignition was switched off.

Police obtained a statement and client history from the Credit Union Association, in addition to documentation from Derek Bogle and Associates regarding Jackson’s claim.

The police report stated that officers concluded Jackson’s vehicle was pushed into the water. In an interview with officers, Jackson denied the charges.

She will return to Summary Court for further mention of these charges at a future date.