House where killing occurred burns

A West Bay home where three young men were shot just outside of in July has burned in a fire that investigators believe was caused by an arsonist.

Burnt house in West Bay

The home located near a deadly 8 July triple shooting in West Bay was burned by an arsonist. Photo: Brent Fuller

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Doorly McLaughlin said Wednesday that fires were reported at the home on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

‘In the first there wasn’t much damage, but the second time there was major damage,’ Mr. McLaughlin said. ‘It is a suspicious fire.’

There were no reports of any injuries at the home on Turtle Crescent near Bonaventure Road in either fire. Mr. McLaughlin said it appeared from records that electricity had been turned off at the home.

‘It appeared to be unoccupied,’ Mr. McLaughlin said. ‘But I’m not certain of that.’

The home was occupied in mid-July when the Caymanian Compass spoke to 62-year-old Marlee Hurlston, who was inside it the evening shots were fired at a group of young men hanging around outside the home.

Mrs. Hurlston said it appeared at least two bullets pierced the side of the house.

‘I was so frightened, oh so frightened,’ she said during an interview in July.

It was unknown whether the West Bayer, her daughter and her eight-year-old grandson were still living at the home. Mrs. Hurlston had discussed plans to move out relatively soon following the shooting in July.

None of the seven young men who were fired upon the evening of 8 July were actually ever inside the house on Turtle Crescent. Police said they were simply outside talking amongst themselves when two gunmen appeared from the bushes across the street and opened fire.

Twenty year-old Marcus Ebanks died in the shooting. His brother, 18-year-old Rod Ebanks was injured, and 14-year-old Adryan Powell was critically hurt. Adryan faces a months-long recovery in Miami before he can return home and may end up partially paralysed.

Four people were initially arrested following the shooting, but all have since been released and no one has been charged in the connection with the incident.

A police spokesperson said officers were aware of the fire and were investigating it as arson. However, police did not indicate whether the home’s burning had anything to do with the triple shooting that occurred in July.