Children graduate safety classes in Cayman Brac

Twenty-one students of Cayman Brac Day Care Centre recently graduated from a series of safety classes administered by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

PC Bulgin with the class

PC Bulgin with the class.

Each child received a certificate at a graduation ceremony where the youngsters demonstrated what they had learnt.

The class covered areas relating to personal safety and hazard prevention. The students learned the importance of following road signs; how to play safe and not too close to the road; how to cross the street safely; what they shouldn’t touch or play with such as insect spray, detergents and medication unless given by a parent; what to do if they come across a weapon such as a gun or knife (inform an adult and never touch it even if it is found in the house); never to accept gifts, rides or anything at all from strangers even if the stranger knows their name; and the importance of 911 and how to use the service.

During the ceremony, which was attended by a number of parents, the children independently demonstrated their understanding of each scenario and answered questions on what they had learnt. Area Commander Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay congratulated the children on their achievements and encouraged them to keep up the good work before presenting them with their certificates.

‘It has been an absolute pleasure to teach these children some key skills that will assist them in staying safe as they grow up,’ said PC Nettie Bulgin who taught the classes.

‘I also hope that this interaction has assisted them to grow up with the view that police officers are friends, who can be approached easily.’