Something fishy in the sky

For the first time, people will be able to see Cayman’s famous stingrays not just in the water, but in the air, thanks to a new paint job on Cayman Islands Helicopters.

Fish in the sky

Fish in the sky

Captain Jerome Begot’s helicopter is now cobalt blue and dotted with stingrays, turtles, angelfish, and dolphins painted by Guy Harvey.

‘We had to do an overhaul of the engine so the helicopter was on the ground for two to three weeks and I decided to paint the inside and outside of it.

‘I think we gave it a little island touch,’ Mr. Begot said.

He added: ‘We had some people in the helicopter a few days ago and they said that Cayman was unique in that they could see stingrays in the sea and in the sky.’

The helicopter is still being hired for police operations, until the new police helicopter arrives on island. Police have said they expect to take delivery of the new helicopter this month.

In the meantime, any criminals on the run who find a helicopter spotlight bearing down on them will find themselves being chased by a chopper featuring some of Cayman’s favourite marine life.

Mr. Begot admitted that the only thing missing from the helicopter was a clown fish. ‘We get kids asking where is Nemo. I think I might add him too.’