West Bay gets the star treatment

A lot of notable people have graced these shores.

From Hollywood stars to sports personalities all have been through Grand Cayman and inevitably the district of West Bay.

Cricket fans with Gayle

Many cricket fans wanted Gayles autograph.
Photo: Matthew Yates

Last Thursday saw the latest group of celebrities in the form of WI cricket greats make their way to the district.

WI cricket team captain Chris Gayle, fast bowler Jerome Taylor and past great Kenneth Benjamin were at the John A Cumber Primary school play field.

There the stars conducted a coaching clinic and training session with some 24 of Cayman’s brightest cricket talents.

The youngsters were a good mix of up-and-coming players in the U15 program and some of the older talents who fall in the U25 age category.

Some of the more senior and established names at the session included bowling aces Marlon Bryan, Ricardo Roach and West Bay’s own Kervin Ebanks.

All received some sharp and insightful tips on the art of bowling and fielding with a little bit of batting tossed in.

Though dark clouds threatened the whole afternoon onlookers and players got their ‘money’s worth’ as the free clinic went the allotted two hours before the rain came.

Benjamin oversaw the clinic for the most part and spent much time working on the bowling. He coached all the different styles from fast to spin.

In particular he worked with youngsters on following through with their delivery and keeping a consistent line.

Fielding-wise Benjamin paced the youngsters in how to throw on the run and how to pick up sharply hit balls on the ground.

Throughout the clinic, Benjamin and the other stars were helped by local coaches and personalities.

Just like the day before at the Smith Road Oval, the presence of the stars drew out dozens of onlookers to the school field.

Most, from school kids to older cricket fans, were eager to take a picture with Gayle and get different paraphernalia signed and autographed.

Among the spectators was West Bay cricket legend Jimmy Powell. The man whose name adorns the West Bay cricket pitch came by and took in some of the bowling exercises.

Powell, who famously bowled during the re-opening of the cricket pitch, did not stay long and said in passing that everything he saw looked on target.