Police urge safety outside schools

As students across the Cayman Islands return to school, police are reminding drivers to be extra cautious on the roads and allow additional time for journeys at peak times.

Police officers in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac have been targeting schools to help ensure a smooth flow of traffic and check that all road users are obeying the law.

West Bay Neighbourhood Officer, PC Devon Bailey said that the return to school operation has gone fairly well in his district with very minor obstructions being caused. ‘Road users appear to be tolerant of each other and we have seen little problems so far,’ he said.

However, PC Bailey reminded parents that children should be suitably restrained in the back seat of cars and should not be allowed to get out of the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop.

He said children should also only be allowed to get in and out of the vehicle on the pavement side rather than the road side and drivers should select parking spots carefully.

PC Bailey also advised that cars should not stop in areas marked out for ‘no parking’ nor should they stop in the middle of the road.

Students should cross roads with care and other drivers should slow down and pay extra attention when in the vicinity of a school. Many facilities now have 15mph zones in operation during certain times of the day and these need to be adhered to.

Attention also needs to be paid to school busses. If a bus stops in front of a driver to allow children to board or disembark, drivers must must stop and wait, regardless of which direction they are travelling in – do not attempt to go around the bus.