Three arrested in nightclub killing

Police blitzed West Bay Thursday for two quick arrests in connection with a double shooting at Next Level nightclub, and armed officers arrested a third man on Old Crewe Road Friday morning.


Police officers at the scene of Thursday mornings deadly double shooting at the Next Level night club. Photo: Brent Fuller

Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Inspector Peter Kennett said all three men are being held in connection with the shooting death of Carlo Webster, 35, and the wounding of another man inside the Next Level around 1.30am Thursday.

Police declined to discuss a motive for Thursday’s homicide, which is the sixth to occur so far this year in the Cayman Islands. However, witnesses inside the club early Thursday said some shoving and shouting occurred just before shots rang out.

One man, who declined to be named, said he heard either two or three shots and then saw some 100 people on the club’s dance floor go running for the exits

How the weapon that was fired got into the heavily secured West Bay Road club is unknown. Next Level owner Harry Lalli said 10 security guards were on the premises Wednesday night into Thursday morning and that video surveillance cameras were operating both inside and outside the club.

Late Thursday morning, a massive police presence could be seen and felt in West Bay as cop cars patrolled the streets.

At one home on Birch Tree Hill Road, armed officers descended to search the premises but Mr. Kennett said Friday that no arrests had been made there. Two men, aged 22 and 26, were arrested later in the evening at a different West Bay location.

Around mid-morning Friday, officers arrived at an address on Old Crewe Road and took a 23-year-old man into custody.

None of the three suspects have been formally named because charges have not been filed against them.

Mr. Kennett noted that some 150 people may have been in the Next Level at the height of the club’s Wednesday night reggae and hip hop party, and that police needed as many witnesses as possible to contact them about what happened.

‘We need people to work with us…to bring Carlo’s killer to justice,’ Mr. Kennett said.

Mr. Kennett said the gun used in the homicide was not found in police searches at the club. He said it was likely the premises would be released back to its owners Friday afternoon.

Mr. Lalli said he hoped to re-open the Next Level Friday evening.