Stop wasting, find solutions

Environmental study money ill spent

In the Friday, 4 September, edition of The Caymanian Compass, the lead story was about the possibility of new taxes for the Caymanian populace.

Along with many other countries around the globe, the Government of The Cayman Islands has overextended its borrowing capabilities. Thank goodness there is a limit placed on borrowing or we could be in the same position as the USA – so heavily in debt that our great-grandchildren would be paying for our extravagance. The Leader of Government Business in making proposals right and left to attempt to find the money to keep Government operating.

On page 13 of the same issue, was a story titled ‘Caribbean countries at risk from rising seas’. The story explains that The Cayman Islands and other island countries may be at risk of being inundated by the end of the 21st Century. It also iterates that The National Climate Change Adaptation Working Group is working with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center to create a National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the Cayman Islands.

I do not agree with the global warming theories that abound these days. I do believe that, according to some of the world’s most renowned scientists, the Earth goes through temperature cycles and other changes that we inhabitants neither control nor affect. After reading the article, I did some research and found that many of the ideas that drive such organisations as the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center are half truths and misnomer proffered by global warming propagandists.

In the first few months of 2009, an internal report that disagreed with the US EPA stance on global warming made big news on the scientific scene. It was authored by an economist/scientist who works for the EPA. Alan Carlin, PhD, disagrees with the propagandists on the causes and means of mitigation of any affect that mankind might have on the global climate. His complete reports are available on his website:

Another source of scientific information is a website titled ‘Why oceans are not rising’. This website is operated by Gary Novak, an independent scientist. The first few sentences of the information posted there are:

‘Oceans have been rising an average of 4 ft per century over the past 10,000 years. Now they are rising about 1 ft per century.

‘Oceans rose 2 mm per year during the first half of the 20th century, and only 1.5 mm per year during the second half. Humans are not the cause.

‘Over the past three years, oceans have totally stopped rising, as determined by satellite measurements and published by University of Colorado.

‘Ice which sits over oceans does not cause a change in sea level when it melts, because the water is already supporting its weight. The only way sea level can rise is when ice which was over land moves into the oceans.

‘Ice which is accumulating on land is lowering the sea level, because it is coming out of the oceans and not flowing back in.’

This website url is:

My point in relating the preceding information is that the time, effort, and money spent on this National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the Cayman Islands is one of the biggest wastes by any Government department. The Department of Environment is expending resources on a plan and a report that will not have any affect in the grand scheme over the next one hundred years or so. We, the human race, cannot change the temperature of the oceans, land masses, or control the level of the season this great planet.

I am of the opinion that Cayman would be much better served if the efforts of the Department of Environment were directed toward more pressing problems on which we can actually have some effect. The disposition of our national environmental eyesore, Mt. Trashmore, and the development of a comprehensive, nationwide trash recycling system would be a good place to begin. This country desperately needs an energy policy. Cleaning up the air that we breathe by mandating a move toward solar power generation and a change in the diesel fuel used to power current generation equipment and automobiles. The availability of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel should be a priority. We should consider the possibility of switching to natural gas to fuel engine driven generators. Great strides have been made in safely shipping and storing the product.

I am sure that each concerned Caymanian can list a number of ideas that can cut the cost of doing business and streamline Government operation, as well. I am not talking about penny-ante stuff but real concepts that can work to rid Cayman of debt. This fiscal situation affects most of us in some way. You can bet that the solutions decided upon will reach all of us.

Randy Kinsey