Doghouse ravage the Bounty Hunters

Reeling after their first loss of the season at the hands of the Hellcats, the KPMG Bounty Hunters were dealt another tough loss, 17-12, at the hands of the Doghouse in adult co-ed softball action at the Field of Dreams last week.

Captain Charles Pulcine said he tried to ignite the passion of his team with the battle cry ‘To heck with the Hellcats’, but it wasn’t to be.

The game was a slugfest, with Vikash Saraf clobbering his first in-the-park grand slam to put the Bounty Hunters in an early lead.

But as the epic struggle raged on, it became clear that the powerful hitters on the Doghouse team would not be denied, as they challenged the Bounty Hunters, relentlessly batting the ball deep into the outfield.

KPMG players made some heroic efforts to reclaim the game, like the blistering line drive that the pitcher, James Gibb, stopped for an out.

Then there was a spectacular catch Captain Pulcine made deep into the warning track in right field.

Pulcine said after losing that trash talk was his saving grace.

‘The Doghouse got lucky getting the better of the KPMG Bounty Hunters,’ he said. ‘That is my story and I am sticking to it.’

Pulcine was dismayed that his catchy battle cry didn’t bring about a victory for the Bounty Hunters.

‘In the end, though, win, lose or draw, the little moments of glory along the way lift players up for another try on another day.’

Home Gas smoke out Caybrew chugging

Home Gas improved to 5-2 with a 14-10 win over the Caybrew Sluggers.

Sloppy infield play by the Chuggers led to Home Gas taking a commanding early lead. They then cruised home, toying with the Chuggers by allowing them to make a late comeback.

The highlight of the game was a strike out by Chugger clean-up hitter Rob Harris, who jumped into the opposite batters box chasing a bad pitch.

But Harris, under the taunting of the Gasers, got his revenge in the seventh inning when he hit a two-out grand slam against Tony Coe Jr. to make the game closer than it really was.

‘You can’t keep a good man down,’ said Chuggers Coach Alan Markoff of Harris’ hit. ‘There’s a reason he batted clean up.’

Other action

KM Ltd took control of the A-2 division with a pair of impressive wins during the week, defeating Deloitte Canadian in a close game 11-10 and then thrashing Jose’s Escape 15-6.

The Maples Sluggers slipped by PwC B 11-10, thanks to an inside-the-park three-run home run by Phil Hinds, who was huffing and puffing and almost blowing the fence down as he chugged around the bases.

The B league also saw some gutsy play from a team flying under the radar in the Anchor Construction City Slickers.

The Slickers knocked out an 11-8 win over rookie club Dolphin Cove before destroying Craig Smith, Chris Moser and PwC Experience B 21-1.

Starring in the wins for the Slickers were all-rounder David Taylor (displayed some great pitching and power hitting) and softball star Justin Wight, who creamed many balls deep to the outfield.