Touch favourites toppled

As with any sporting final there are favourites to win but as any enthusiast knows, betting on the underdog reaps bigger benefits if there’s an upset.

This certainly happened in the AndroGroup Summer Touch Series which wrapped up its final games last week.

The poor weather did not aide in any fast paced action or slick ball handling on the field. Instead games were low scoring, stop-start affairs thanks to the torrential downpours which made the ground and the ball alike slippery.

Regardless of the weather the games went ahead with two teams in each division looking to take home silverware. The favourites to win the Cup in both the 1st Division and 2nd Division were Five Nations and Campbells who had maintained their undefeated status throughout the regular season.

Whilst the teams likely to take home the plate in either division would be anyone’s guess as throughout the regular season there was very little separating the middle order teams.

However, both Campbells and Five Nations were undone in the finals by Walkers and Maples respectively. Both finals were close affairs but refereeing decisions and a final burst of energy in the last game of the season saw the favourites toppled.

The Plates went to Digicel in the premier division and Titan Ticklers in the second division. Titan Ticklers who had steadily improved throughout the regular season took apart the usually strong Deloitte 2 team in the plate final 6-1 whilst Digicel handed the erratic Appleby team their final defeat of the season 5-2.

As always, the AndroGroup Series has one final celebration at the Wharf on Friday where a special presentation was made to AndroGroup for their five years of sponsorship.

A special thanks was also given for the league organisers, Sharlee Henshaw and David Bailey who worked tirelessly to ensure that the league ran smoothly throughout the summer.