Shooting leaves one dead

A shooting incident occurred Tuesday night in Newlands leaving one man dead and a woman injured.

At approximately 9.55pm the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a report of gunshots being heard in the vicinity of Winward Road, in North Sound Estates.

Police and medics attended the scene and transported both victims to the hospital to be treated. However, the man later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead, while the female remains in the hospital.

Witnesses in the area say they heard a rapid succession of shots and what sounded like a vehicle running off the road.

‘They were just pumping shots into the car after it swerved off the street and ended up half way into the canal,’ said one area resident.

‘We thought it was someone who had stolen a car and were shooting it up, but when we came outside a little after, we realised that these people had actually been trying to kill someone.’

The resident added that a female who was in the car ran to a house across the street, while the man in the car jumped into the canal and swam under the dock of a nearby home.

He was later retrieved by paramedics who had to go into the water to get the man from under the wooden structure in order to begin working on him, according to witness accounts.