Man in kayak found with 114 conch

Officers from the Marine Enforcement Unit apprehended a man with 114 conchs in his possession on Friday morning, 16 October.

According to Deputy Chief Enforcement Officer Ronnie Dougal, enforcement officers responded to the Barkers area at about 8.15am, after receiving reports of sightings of the man in the area.

Once officers located the individual they were able to detain him without incident.

‘He was very cooperative,’ said Mr. Dougal, who added that the suspect was not in a traditional vessel and had over 114 live conchs on board a kayak.

The man, whose name has not been released, has since been bailed to return to the West Bay Police Station and the conchs seized during the arrest have been returned to the ocean.

Mr. Dougal said his team is committed to seeing these types of offences come to justice and was proud of the efforts of all involved.

According to Cayman Islands law, conching season doesn’t start until 1 November, and it is illegal to gather conch before that time.

Even during conch season, the Marine Conservation Law (2007 Revision) makes it an offence for a single individual to take more than five conch out of the water in any single day.