Bouncy Frogs can leap above the prowling Hellcats

October is coming to a close and softball playoffs are set to begin.

Already it is week 10 of the 12 week regular season for the fall adult co-ed softball league.

With the playoffs starting the first week of November many teams have the post-season squarely in their sights.

Tension starts from the top in the A league, specifically its Breadfruit division. Home Gas, 8-2, have a slight lead over the likes of Cayman Coolers and Jose’s Escape, both 7-3.

In the cellar are Deloitte Canadian Bacon at 1-8. Time will tell if they can string together some wins into the playoffs as they have done in years past.

The Cassava division meanwhile has emerged into a predominantly two team race between the 8-2 KM Ltd and the 7-3 Caybrew Chuggers.

KPMG A trails both sides at 4-5. Master Batters are in the cellar at 3-7.

At the heart of the playoff drama this year, as usual, is the B league.

Julius Baer, 8-1, is the only sure-fire playoff team with the best record in all of co-ed softball.

Their powerful bats (which have scored the most runs in co-ed softball with 158) make the side an early favourite to make it to the B league final.

In hot pursuit are the 6-3 KPMG Bounty Hunters. Key to KMPG’s success has been its offense which has knocked home 140 runs.

The Hellcats are on their heels at 4-5-1. Once one of the better defensive teams, the side has seen its runs allowed total jump (it now sits at 94) and their record slip.

Gaining ground meanwhile has been Senor Frogs, who are also 4-5-1. In the cellar are rookie team Dolphin Cove at 1-7.

The tightest race in all co-ed softball is the Silver Thatch division. Every team, except for one, has a winning record and all are no more than three games out of first place.

Based on what this reporter has seen of co-ed softball, this may be the tightest division in history and will leave a good team out of the playoffs.

At this point everyone is gunning for the Anchor Construction City Slickers. At 5-3-1 the Slickers are barely atop the division.

However their trademark has been their defense. The City Slickers have arguably the strongest defensive unit in all of co-ed softball, with a league-low 59 runs allowed.

Doghouse, with its army of sportsmen, are in second at 5-3 while PWC B continue to be an experience for most teams as they are in third at 5-4-1.

Maples are very much in the picture at 4-3-1. Like the other clubs in the B league the Sluggers are a gritty side that has tried to put defense first.

Ritz Carlton maybe last but the Jesters are no joke. Their 3-4-1 record belies the fact the team is second in all of co-ed softball in runs allowed with 80.

For the record the C league continues to be a foregone conclusion with ElectraTech Pure Energy heading to the league title and a B league promotion at 6-4.

PWC Scorpions continue to play for the social aspect of the game at 0-10.