Brown wants more unity

Technical Director of the national football programme Carl Brown has repeated his plea for corporate sponsorship to come forward but first wants Cayman’s football fraternity to put their differences aside.

‘We all have a responsibility to ensure that the standard of the game grows to the extent that we attract more spectators and sponsors,’ Brown said.

‘It is the responsibility of coaches to get themselves better prepared so that they will be able to better help the players.

‘The players have to demonstrate better attitude towards training as this is where they will be able to improve themselves and become better entertainers.’

Brown also wants administrators to ensure that the welfare of players and the proper administration of the clubs remain at the highest standard.

He stressed that the global economy is affecting everything these days and finding sponsorship dollars is not easy to come by.

‘A house divided cannot stand and the football fraternity falls into that category. We are our own worst enemy and by our action or non-action we are driving away those who can help.

‘Business people will not associate themselves with anything that they cannot be proud of. Two years ago the clubs in Jamaica decided that they wanted to run the Premier League and they have been far more successful in attracting sponsorship than the federation. Unity is strength.

‘The disunity I see has been a great concern to me. There’s still a lot of bickering taking place and it’s hurting our national football set-up more than anything.’