Jeter glove is in LL auction

The Little League auction has plenty of great sports memorabilia up for sale.

One of them is the Derek Jeter signed baseball glove pictured above which will be a very hot item at the Little League’s ninth auction, in support of the Field Of Dreams.

It’s being held at the Caymana Bay Arts & Recreation Centre and tables of ten are available for $1,000.

Starting with the most modest of beginnings in 1990, the Little League project has evolved into a huge programme with an impressive facility and a reputation of helping local children develop in so many ways.

Now, more than ever, when crime involving young adults is on the rise, children need more positive reinforcement in social situations to compliment what their parents give them at home.

The support of the Little League sponsors has been invaluable. Many have stuck with it the entire 20 years.

Technical and accounting support is coming from the Deloitte auction team and once again the Little League is getting support from Arch Auto and VW Tiguan.